RPM Italian

27 07 2012

RPM Italian

Are you a foodie like me and love to dine at new restaurants? Just the thought of walking into a charming restaurant, tasting delightful entrees, and experiencing a unique service is exhilarating! Dining out has become a pastime, as well as, an opportunity to visit with friends and family for me. For example, a group of my girlfriends from high school still try to get together for a fun outing as often as we can. We all have demanding jobs, lively social calendars, and some of us have families, so choosing a date for all of us to get together can be a challenge. However, on a whim, we all were available one Sunday afternoon in July to experience Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s new restaurant RPM Italian in River North.

We made the reservation in June, because the soonest RPM Italian had a table available for 5 people was at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. We weren’t sure whether to call this excursion lunch or dinner, but we snagged the chance to dine at RPM in downtown Chicago. We all arrived downtown Chicago a couple hours earlier than our reservation to enjoy the summer weather and have a cocktail a few blocks from RPM. As we walked to the restaurant, we realized it was not on the “main drag” were most River North restaurants are on Hubbard Street. Honestly, if you weren’t paying close attention, you just might miss it. Once we got inside, we were expecting the place to be fairly quiet. We were quite wrong. The main dining room was almost filled at 4pm and we were guided to sit in a large, comfortable booth, close to the bar. The ambiance was dim, decorated in black, gray, and white, with a contemporary flare. I would describe the restaurant as a contemporary, upscale, dining experience. Our server was fantastic and extremely informative. Since none of us had been there before, he gave us a detailed description of the menu. About 2/3 of the menu is considered small plates, including warm bread, pizzette, chichetti, salads, imported cheeses, cold/hot antipasti, crudo, house made pasta, and risotto. These prices range from $5-17. There are 12 items that are considered large plates, which entailed a variety of chicken, fish, and steak entrees. These items ranged from $16-48. After we received our cocktails, in a timely fashion, we ordered a few small plates for an appetizer to share; pasta puffs, provolone stuffed peppers, and arancini (prosciutto cotto, fontina) Our favorite was the provolone stuffed peppers. The peppers resembled bite size cherry tomatoes, with stuffed provolone cheese. The flavor combination was sensational. All the appetizers were bite size and came in orders of 4-5 pieces. Upon ordering, all 5 of us ordered something different. 4 of us ordered house made pasta, which is considered a small plate, and 1 of us ordered the spaghetti and meatball, as a large plate. I had ordered lobster ravioli. It was 5 raviolis in a warm marinara cream sauce (picture below). In comparison, it definitely was one of the better entrees of lobster ravioli I have ordered. As our dinner concluded, we were all very pleased with our overall experience at RMP. It is a great place for small groups to try and share contemporary Italian cuisine tapas style.

RPM Italian

52 W. Illinois

Chicago, IL 60654



Menu: http://rpmitalian.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Dinner1.pdf

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Written by Stefanie Killey




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