The Mid

17 08 2012

If you enjoy great underground music with performers from all across the world, The Mid is a great venue! With its discrete location, you would never know how fabulous this place is on the inside.

 One of my favorite underground live house bands is Tortured Soul. You can hear it for yourself at Tortured Soul performed in Chicago about a month ago. The line up typically ranges from local guest DJ’s to nationally known DJ’s such as ATB/Andre Tanneberger from Germany ( to top artist like Robin Thick! With the variety of performers, you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

 This place has a great vibe and no matter where you stand or dance during the show, you always have a fabulous view. The bars are always jamming and the crowd is always dancing. The music varies and ranges from laid back beats for lounging with friends to the amazing skill beats that just make you want to move. Another great thing about this place is that you always have the opportunity to get in for free if you RSVP on their website (even during major events!). As we all know, this is hard to find in the Chicago!

Check out their website to see what’s coming up soon. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!

 The Mid




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Written by Christina Kaade




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