Lucky Strike

18 01 2013

If you enjoy bowling, in a bowling league, or looking for a kid friendly place to go that people of all ages can enjoy, then Lucky Strike is definitely the place to stop at! The bowling alley is located downtown Chicago and shares a building with AMC movie theatre. Lucky Strike is an upscale bowling alley with fantastic food and service.

We took our daughter there on a Saturday afternoon for her first bowling experience. The staff was very helpful getting the bumper pads prepared and providing us with the equipment that help young children to bowl when they cannot lift the ball. Every encounter we had with the staff at Lucky Strike was fantastic. Staff member’s greeted us with smiles and were very attentive to all of our needs. As soon as we walked in the door, a lady directed us to where we received our shoes and then a gentlemen directed us to our specific lane.

The bowling alley was not your typical bowling alley by any means. The place was very clean, organized, and had a stylish vibe to it. Our family tends to bowl from time to time so I have definitely been to a few bowling alleys. Lucky Strike was by far the best bowling alley I have bowled at. Plus, the appetizers were so fantastic that we did not have room for meals. I am a big fan of nachos, so of course, we had an order of those and they were wonderful! They included a perfect amount of cheese, peppers, chicken, tomatoes, sour cream, avocado, and salsa. We stuck with the Mexican theme and also ordered their chips and guacamole. The chips were warm and tasted homemade, as did the guacamole. We ordered 4 separate plates of mini hamburgers. Two plates of mini hamburgers were buffalo chicken and the other two were bacon cheddar burgers. The mini burgers tasted like large gourmet burgers! Very fresh.

Toward the end of our time at Lucky Strike, our time expired on the 10th frame of our last game. The gentlemen who gave us our shoes extended our game at no additional charge simply so we could complete the 10th frame of our heated family bowling game.

I highly recommend going to Lucky Strike for a work outing, family fun, or just some quality time practicing up on your game!

pic 1

pic 2

River East Center
322 E. Illinois St.
Chicago, IL 60611

Colleen Utesch




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