Howl at the Moon

6 03 2013

Howl at the Moon is an overall entertaining experience located in the River North area downtown Chicago. Located on Hubbard Street, where there are bars and restaurants posted on each side of the street for blocks. For example, next door is Rocket, Social 25, Dos Diablos, and O’Callaghan’s. Howl at the Moon, is recognized for its dueling piano entertainment, happy hour specials, and people looking for a fun, exciting location for a cocktail, sing-a-long vibe, and dancing.

I recently was at Howl at the Moon for a Friday after hours event at 5pm. The crowd was primarily local business people, tourists, and business travelers. A light buffet was set up with pasta, cheeses, and pull pork sandwiches. Their fantastic bartenders can shake you up anything, as they have a full bar and wine list. On the main floor, where I sat, where closely sat tables were within a few feet of the famous dueling pianos. There also is another section set up a few stairs behind the main staging area while a little more space. This spot is great if you don’t want to be in the action singing and dancing but act as an observer.

As the performers entered on “stage”, the crowd went wild, and everyone was ready for a good time. They sang crowd pleasing, popular songs from start to finish. Additionally, to add a twist to the entertainment, the crowd can request songs by completing a short form and tipping the performers to play their request. We heard the performers play anything from “Sweet Caroline” to “Baby Got Back” to “YMCA” to “Gangsters Paradise”. What amazed all of us was that they knew all the words!

All in all, whether you choose to stop in for a happy hour special, bachelorette party, or plan to stay the entire night at Howl at the Moon, you will not be disappointed and you will be thoroughly entertained.


Howl at the Moon Chicago
26 West Hubbard St.
Chicago, IL 60654
P: 312-863-7427
Events: 312-327-0755

By Stefanie Killey




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