Blue Man Group

29 03 2013

Living in Chicago my whole life I have been able to take in quite a few Blue Man Group Shows. Over the years they have changed a few things here and there. This year, they have put a lot of effort into letting everyone know that there are some major changes, well more like upgrades, in the current show.
If you have ever had the opportunity to take in one of these shows, you know there are certain things to expect. Intense percussion and visually stunning additions such as paint and black lights are definitely show stealers. This recipe has been successful for over a decade and there is no reason to change that. However, there are some very welcome and amazing additions!
I won’t give away the additions but the show has finally caught up with the times and ever growing technology. The show is highly interactive and several opportunities for audience participation which makes the show that much more entertaining. There seems to be no end to the talent level these men have and use every second of the show to impress you.
Here’s to hoping they will change this show in another 3 to 4 years because I will definitely come back! It’s funny, energetic and the vibe is amazing! I hope everyone gets to see this at least once in their life!

By Ron Justus




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