Taco Joint

7 05 2013

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Chicago is known for many things; one of which is their food. You are guaranteed to find an excellent restaurant featuring your favorite cuisine.

My favorite type of food is Mexican, so you can imagine I have been to my fair share of restaurants and have set high expectations. Knowing my love, my friends and I went to Taco Joint which is located at 158 W. Ontario St., just a few blocks from the Fairfield Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown. I may not be able to give Taco Joint the true justice it deserves, so I recommend to check out their menu at http://www.tacojoint.com.

Taco Joint was hip yet possessed a Mexican restaurant feel. The waiters and waitresses were very attentative and polite. They were able to help us with our meal decisions which was important because we wanted to make sure we were picking exactly what we wanted. Their menu is beyond affordable. Certainly not pricing you would see in the city. They could easily get away with charging much more but let’s be thankful they have not made the change.

We started our meals with delicious margaritas and sangria’s. Both were refreshing yet not to filling on the stomach. Accompanying our cocktails were three different choices of homemade guacamole. I am a huge fan of guacamole and have had a lot of it in my day but Taco Joint’s concoction is like no other. We had their traditional, rojo, and grapefruit guacamole. They were all wonderful but out of the three I would have to say the grapefruit was my favorite. Very refreshing and honestly the first time I have had grapefruit in guacamole. In my book, it is a huge success. The rojo had a little heat to it which I enjoy and adds a little something extra to the traditional guacamole. Although the traditional guacamole is just that, traditional, this was the best I’ve ever had; very fresh, light, and most importantly, delicious.

For my main dish I went with the Flautitas which was a new dish for me. If I had to compare them to something I would say they are similar to Taquitos. Although I enjoy Taquitos the Flautias were much better. It’s almost like you take the best taste from every dish and combine it within the fried shell. Their portion size was wonderful however when I finished I certainly found myself wanting more. Our table shared a few tacos just to get an idea of the meat and they were fabulous. One could eat the tacos by themselves and be thrilled with their decision.

If you are in the mood for some excellent Mexican food in a fun part of Chicago, I definitely would recommend the Taco Joint. You are certain to not go wrong with anything you choose on the menu.

River North | 158 W Ontario | Chicago, IL 60654 | p 312.337.8226 | f 312.337.8227

By Colleen Utesch
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