Chicago Jogging Path Favorites

30 05 2014

Although traveling can be fun, it can also be exhausting or throw you off your standard, daily routine. Eating right, exercise and a balanced life-style can be tricky when consistently traveling for business. We completely understand your frustrations. Therefore, we don’t want to disrupt your routine while traveling to Chicago and staying at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile. Like most hotels, we have a simplistic fitness center, to get you through your daily urge for cardio. However, have you taken the opportunity during Chicago’s nice weather to run outside and enjoy the scenery? I hope so, but if not, here is one of my favorite routes. First, take a left from the hotel and walk to Fairbanks. Take a left on Fairbanks and a right on Chicago Ave. Chicago Avenue has an underpass crossing Lake Shore Drive by taking only 1 flight of stairs. After reaching the end of the underpass you reach a wonderful jogging and biking path along beautiful Lake Michigan. This path goes for miles up north and south but I usually take it up north about 2 miles to North Avenue Beach. Depending upon the distance you wish to run through the perimeter of the beach, which is paved, will determine the length of your run. I am not an avid runner, so my time consists of running and walking. I can complete a full round trip excursion in 45 minutes. This route is easy and it lets you view the city from another angle. Enjoy Chicago while you are here!

written by: Stefanie Rowe

jogging path




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